Lowton Air Is The Leading Air Conditioning Replacement Company in South Florida. There’s only one right way to install an air conditioner. If your in the to replace, we can help you by performing a free in home estimate. Our initial sizing and load calculations will determine the right size and capacity of air conditioning needed to improve your homes overall comfort. That mean’s when we install your air conditioning system, it will last.

The Install is top notch, We Verify

Lowton air have a unique installation process, and when our technicians finish the jobs. They take a strict set of photos that are verified by 2 different people in the company. This process ensures the quality of the installations stays top notch. We also provide some of the most amazing home comfort systems on the market by far. Imagine a system that could maintain a temperature in your home within 1/10th of a degree to where you set the thermostat. A home, where every room is the exact same temperature, and you never feel dry skin, lips or throat. Imagine a home with air quality better than your hospitals infant ward. Our variable air-flow system will bring you into 2020 with style, quiet operation and no more all on or all off, this system will only give your home the amount of air it needs at that time. Like we said “It’s simply the best equipment on the market hands down. We had to go to special training just to be able the offer this type or this quality of systems, most technicians would not even know how to install a system like this, but at Lowton Air Conditioning you are not dealing with your average ac company.